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Our Company
The "Karras Eurolift' operates in the sector of vertical movement championing the industry for more than forty years offering services in project design, installation, maintenance, technical coverage of lifts and escalators, and certification and periodic inspection of lifts lifting equipment cranes having the assets of many public and private projects. Our business concept is to provide unbeatable value, by offering security, aesthetics and quality at the best price. We apply in our products and services to the European directive ISO 9001-2008 and we have our potential with the necessary scientific, technical knowledge and experience offering not just products and services in the market but we are responding to the needs of each client. Constantly improve and upgrade our products and services broaden our relations and create new partnerships with reputable manufacturers in domestic and abroad to provide you with complete direct applications specialized services and we help to solve every need in your vertical movement. We understand your needs and cover with superior quality products, providing solutions and saving money giving you the ability to customize the features that you want to have your own elevator and we propose ways to tap into the high tech innovative applications and modern ecological energy saving methods with respect to the environment we live in